Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrist Braces – Are There any Benefits?

As I grow older I have realized that you often learn your most valuable lessons and insights from the most unexpected places, times, experiences and people. I always thought that to learn something…the lesson HAD to be from someone a lot older than you. It made sense right…you grow up. Learn from teachers. Teachers are adults. So adults teach you things.

Then I became an adult. And I realized I wasn’t finished learning (and hope to never be finished!)…and wondered how I would keep learning as I grew older. Thus far the best advice I have gotten is to keep an open heart and mind…because valuable life lessons can truly be gained at any moment, from any person, and from any place. I learn incredible lessons from young children, my clients, family, friends, and even my pups:). With age you also get many health problems and weakness. Recently I was suffering from constant wrist pain that was reducing my quality of life. On one of my friends advice, I bought Actesso Breathable Wrist Support Splint Brace, it is one of the best wrist brace in UK for carpal tunnel syndrome. After wearing for few days I find quiet relief with almost no pain. So in this post I will be talking about carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist braces.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Commonly termed as CTS the carpal Tunnel syndrome is a defect in the nerves of the wrist which makes the muscles weak and causes numbness in your wrist.

This syndrome then causes pain in your arms and elbows. It is best advised to tackle this syndrome as soon as it occurs to you so that it can be treated at an early stage. One such method of preventing this syndrome is to wear these a carpal tunnel brace. These braces support your wrist when at work.

The Carpal tunnel consists of a median nerve along with a few carpal ligaments and a tendon in the wrist. When the median nerve is compressed it causes this syndrome so the basic purpose of wearing the brace is to lessen the pressure on the median nerve. When worn around the wrist, this brace re-shapes the tissues near it thus increasing flexibility.

This syndrome is common to a sports-person or for that any other work that may involve regular use of wrist like typing, cutting and preparing food etc. This syndrome is also found in workers working on an assembly line which involves regular wrist work making the median nerve to come under compression.

The brace used should be worn mainly at night during sleep and it is very important to wear a brace that suits your wrist. Wearing a loose brace will not provide any benefit and a tight one can cause rashes and may even worsen the syndrome by further compressing of your median nerve.

This brace supports your wrist and hence reduces pressure on the median nerve. Therefore this brace is used to keep the wrist in position. One such ill effect of this syndrome is that it does not allow the patients to sleep at night but by using this wrist brace one can combat this problem.

Nowadays with the advancement in technology we find braces which can be controlled electronically and the required pressure can be set. However these braces are very costly and people normally prefer the braces with adjustable Velcro straps so that they can manually adjust the pressure. One needs to always consult a doctor before using these a carpal tunnel brace. It is advised to check the fitting especially near the thumb area so that it does not cause any pain.

Doctors usually advise to wear the carpal tunnel brace while working with wrists because it prevents the flaring up of symptoms. Also while sleeping one can wear them because it is usually at night that one can flex their muscles. Normally when not in use these braces are kept in the freezer so as to produce a cool feeling which alleviates pain.

The metal inside the braces absorbs the coolness from the chiller while the cloth over the metal protects direct contact of the cold metal with the skin. Thus we find a carpal tunnel brace eliminates the CTS by reducing irritation and thereby reducing pain in the wrist.

Why Wear Wrist Brace

There are some benefits of wrist brace for individuals who have either wrist injuries or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. If a patient wears a good quality wrist brace, it can help recover from wrist injury sooner or at least improve the quality of life by reducing much of the pain. Wrist braces are also helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis.

Wrist Stabilization
There are many types of wrist brace available in UK that are used for different types of injuries and ailments. But most wrist braces works by stabilizing the wrist joint. It ensures that there is no excessive movements around the wrist and there by reducing the strain on the wrist. Most patient are able to do their job while wearing wrist braces. These braces also reduce the swelling around the wrist and reduce pain from inflammation.

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